As the summer nights draw in and the Autumn chill is in the air, there is never a better time to re-think your training strategies!

Here are some great tips to help you on your way….

Grubby! Used and abused, training diaries contain the keys to success.

Grubby! Used and abused, training diaries contain the keys to success.

First things first, get yourself a training diary, and I don’t mean of the electrical kind either! Having a good old fashioned hardback training diary means, it will probably stay with you longer than your current iphone (fact). Not only is it a great bench mark tool to look back on, it also holds invaluable training notes which will stay with you for ever.

One thing with the fitness industry, no matter what new fads come it, the old principals will always remain the same. I still hold my old rowing training diaries from 15 years ago and it is facinating to see what core and strenghth work I was doing back then, what my max weights were at the start season, and what mileage I was clocking up during the week. The most valuable point of all though, was what useful training tips my coach had said to me and to which, I still refer back to even today.

Ok, so now that you have your hard copy training diary sorted, now lets look to see what’s out there on line….


Strava (
Strava is a great website where you can be competitive against yourself, your mates or anyone around the world for that matter! Whether you run or cycle, athletes from all over the world can connect, and share their experiences of training. Strava tracks your training though your GPS device, iPhone or Android, and then it compares your data to other training althetes training segments all over the world. Strava have also recently linked up with Sufferfest (which in turn, is another very highly addictive website) –