What we offer

  • An initial informal coffee / face time chat
  • Detailed pre consultation, and vital statistics
  • FTP and ongoing fitness benchmark testing
  • In-depth goal setting to target peak performance and race events
  • Weekly detailed training programme uploaded to Training Peaks
  • Feedback on sessions using Training Peaks 
  • Advice on how to get set up and use Training Peaks
  • Weekly CTL fitness and TSS chart tracking analysis
  • Monthly training reviews 


Coaching is all about being athlete centred, and ensuring that both coach and athlete are on the same page with target dates and training goals.  Communication and listening skills are paramount to a successful coaching programme, and the best results are from daily routine check up’s to ensure sickness, fatigue and over training is kept at bay.

Welshewe coaching will be there to support you, motivate you, and to ensure you are kept on track with your fitness and training goals.

As we know one size does not fit all, so if you are looking for a personalised training plan that will compliment your lifestyle and work well with your commitments, then please contact welshewe coaching for further details on cost and packages.