Riding a bike this autumn? Well here are a few of TC’s top 10 tips on how to stay safe on the roads….

Potholes – If you spot a pothole, please report it to https://www.gov.uk/report-pothole
They really are trying to make roads a safer place to be for cyclists. So the more eyes on spotting them, then the quicker the holes can be fixed. TC’s advice is: Always keep your head up, so you can see what is coming up

Leaves – Nothing worse than wet leaves on the road…. If you ride over them, there is a chance your wheel can slide out, and therefore lose control of your bike! TC’s advice: ride thick tyres eg: 25mm width and upwards, which will give you more traction on the road… Most road bikes come with 23mm width tyres, but if you are not sure, then pop into your local bike shop and ask for wider tyres.

Oil– If there has been a spill on the road, then TC’s advice would be to slow right down, and be especially careful when going over it. Or, just jump off and walk on the pavement to miss it.

Water – If there has been a big downfall, then roads can be treacherous – Drains can overflow, therefore leaving the water with no place to go! TC’s advice would be to get off the bike, and walk on the pavement until you pass the residing water.

Pedestrians – On busy streets, especially where shops are concerned, you can guarantee there will always be one shopper crossing the road looking the other way! It happens quite a lot, and in fact happened to me! Luckily we were both fine, albeit a tad shocked! TC’s advice would be to ride slowly and pay attention!!

Drain holes – Sheesh, wet drains can be lethal, as not only can it feel like a skating ring going over one, but the open drain holes can also catch your front wheel, and result in your front wheel being wedged in! TC’s advice would be to avoid going over on at all cost!

Cyclists – With cycling so popular these days, it is not uncommon to get overtaken by a cyclist or for you to overtake a cyclist. Too often you see a cyclist bump another cyclist off because no warning was given as they were being passed. TC’s advice would be, If you are the person overtaking the cyclist, then always give a little warning to the person you are overtaking. This in turn will make the cyclist aware that someone is overtaking them. It will also ensure the cyclist does not change his or her line.

Lorries – Sadly I still see so many cyclists who under take a lorry EVEN WITH ALL THE WARNINGS!!!! TC’s advice would be: use your head and never do it… You are out of the drivers vision, and therefore the drive can’t see you…

Animals – Squirrels, badgers, cats, dogs etc….They are all up there and have their own agenda! TC’s advice would be to always expect the unexpected!

You – TC’s advice would be: Always keep your eyes on the road and ears to the ground… Wear appropriate gear, don’t ride with headphones, never look or chat on your mobile phone while riding. Always look out for fellow riders and just be nice to people….

Safe riding kids!