In my eyes, everyone is a superstar – It doesn’t matter whether they are fast or slow, just as long as they are willing to give it their best.

When I met Dom last year, he had just bought a new road bike, and I am sure he won’t mind me saying but “all the gear, no idea” was Dom’s knowledge of cycling.

It wasn’t long before I convinced Dom that he needed me in his life, even if it was just to show him the basic skills of road riding and the importance of shaving his legs to look PRO!

Well, it didn’t take long for me to realise just how hungry Dom was to succeed, and take his riding to the next level…

In January this year (2015) Dom introduced me to Ruth, and I could instantly see she had the same gold % path as Dom and eager to win races. We chatted, and mapped out goals, races, training time, nutrition and most of all the talk of a new steed.

Ruth and Dom had purchased their new TT bikes and race preparation was under way. While the world slept over the winter months, Ruth and Dom were up at the crack of sparrows preparing for future GB qualifying races.

Over the winter we worked constantly on technique, shaving off transition times, bike positioning, power outputs, gym work, nutrition…. After a few monhs preparation, I had the call from both Dom and Ruth saying they had both qualified for Spain Duathlon in May 2015. We were over the moon, as all the hard work was paying off.

Race day came, and the weather forecast was horrific with strong winds and heavy rain! The course was super tech with over 30 round-abouts, so I knew it was going to be a challenging day for them on the bike. My words of wisdom to both Ruth and Dom was to race hard, enjoy it and be proud you have come this far…

Below is Dom’s post from Facebook after the race…. I am so proud of them both, and feel very lucky to be working with them.

“Boom and we are done ‪#‎16th‬ for me but the big result was the amazing Ruth Purbrook who came ‪#‎3rd‬ and Hannah Priest who was ‪#‎2nd‬. Massive thanks to Ruth’s husband Barney who came to support and basically beasted me around the Surrey hills. However the biggest thanks from Ruth and I go to our amazing coach TC who kicked us into shape! Oh and Ruth and I want to say thanks to all our team mates at Ful on Tri for being simply awesome and giving us loads of support. From Ruth and Dom xxxx — with Hannah Priest and 3 others.