It will be 5 days before I shall be rolling through the beautiful hills of Mallorca. In reality, this also means I need to get my life in order before I can go…
For instance, bike, kit, work, life, emails, travel insurance….Oh god the list endless!
Breathe Corbett, just breathe!!! PANIC!!!

So, while sitting here at my local launderette munching on my apple, gazing at my apple screen (ha, that sentence just made me giggle)… I guess I really do have to pull my finger out of my derrière, and get training camp planning!

When you have a life as crazy busy as mine (no really)! Living in a small flat in with your long term, who in turn owns just as many bikes, if not more than I do, and races just as much as I do, if not more, then our lovely little home can sometimes feel like bike shop….

So I have been here an hour now, and apart from reminiscing back to the 1980’s Levis advert where Mr hunk strips down to his boxers to the song of “I heard it through grape vine” I haven’t actually seen another person come in… Anyway, Unlike today’s adverts like Insurance or wonga!! Like seriously WTF!!! I reckon the TV should bring back Mr Hunk stripping down to his boxers and screw the ad’s of today… Corbett, this isn’t getting your insurance done!

Send…… Fab, travel insurance sorted and paid for! Of course with a history like mine of falling off mountains, this is quite an important task not to forget.


The alarm goes off and it is 02:45am in the morning, plane leaves at 06:30am… This is the last time I ever take an early morning flight!!! The panic of trying to drive down the M25 on route to Gatwick with a half eaten piece of toast, and sleepy dust in the eyes, really isn’t appealing any more, hell am I just getting old? No, unless you are on a tight riding timeline, then it’s afternoon flights all the way from now on!

Arrive at airport, check in, weigh bike, yawn…Bike weighs exactly the same as all the other million times before I have travelled, but airport man still needs to weigh the box and stick another bloody 20kg sticker before I can say Bon Voyage to the little steed………. Zzzzzz……..

Whooohooo…..Hello Mallorca, but who said there was going to be wind, rain and SNOW???????? Hang on, I didn’t sign up for bloody snow!!! Thank goodness for the bike shops have a great selection of winter kit! Luckily the weather did improve over the week, and the sun did shine and managed to clock up over 1,400km in 2 weeks…

Mallorca is such a great place if you are looking for great riding, amazing views, and normally, really good weather. If you search around, your can get some great deals, and look out for easyjet early sales to make it even cheaper!


Notes for travelling:
Do make a list of what to take before travelling
Don’t do early morning flight, unless you are time pressed
Do check-in with your apple phone and save boarding pass to phone
Don’t buy cheap travel insurance, look into “dog tag” insurance
Do arrange pick-up from airport, which is bike box friendly
Don’t pack too much, visit the local bike shops instead, which are great and cheap
Do pack medical supplies – big warm miles can cause chaffing
Don’t pack anything but your bike in your bike box incase it doesn’t turn up
Do carry helmet, shoes and kit spare in carry luggage in case you need to hire bike
Don’t forget to take youy DI2 charger as you wont find one in the bike shops!
Do check the weather reports before you go, for appropriate clothing